10 games to play if you love GigaBash


Passion Republic Games’ debut title, GigaBash, yet another kaiju-centric game that launched in a year full of them, has been a joy for fans of 3D brawlers and giant monsters alike.

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But due to its segmented character story mode, a small roster of characters, and a significant but still somewhat disappointing amount of purely visual bonus content, players can finish it in a short time. Luckily, for those looking for more kaiju action or similar gameplay, there are all types of games with similarities to GigaBash, the majority of which are easily accessible on modern platforms.


ten power stone

Power Stone doesn’t have a modern remaster yet, so interested gamers will need to dust off their old Dreamcasts or PSPs if they want to play it. One of Capcom’s most beloved but overlooked series with only two entries, Power Stone is a 3D arena fighting game that GigaBash is often compared to due to similar gameplay elements.

Although Power Stone characters cannot destroy buildings or use military vehicles as weapons, they can grab various objects from the arena to use as weapons. By collecting three Power Stones, characters can gain a Power Boost that temporarily transforms them and allows them to use special attacks until their Power Gauge is depleted.

9 Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs Maxiboost ON

If you prefer giant mechs to monsters, Gundam has you covered. The excruciatingly long titled Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON first hit arcades in Japan in 2016, and four years later it finally hit PlayStation 4 in 2020.

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The fully updated version of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost ON added more playable Mobile Suits, with the PlayStation 4 version having an arcade Branch Battle mode and local multiplayer mode. Like many other Gundam fighting games, you don’t need to know the franchise to play, but it may be best to familiarize yourself with the game’s systems before attempting to play online.

8 Ground Defense Force 5

The Earth Defense Force series is primarily known for its giant insect-like alien invaders, but there are also plenty of saurian kaiju and other notable enemies throughout the series. At the time of writing, Earth Defense Force 5 is the most accessible game in the main Earth Defense Force series since it’s on PC and PlayStation 4, but due to its age, it doesn’t have cross-play.

While Earth Defense Force 5 is a great game to play online with friends on the same platform, the janky graphics the series is known for aren’t for everyone, but people who can get past it will likely get it. an extremely pleasant experience.

seven Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto

A 3D arena fighter based on the Naruto manga and anime series and the latest entry in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road To Boruto includes the base game and all DLC, so it’s a better case than just the base game by itself.

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Due to the awakening mechanic that all characters can use once their health drops enough, many characters have larger awakened forms, similar to the S-class forms seen in GigaBash when the Titans gathered enough energy . While familiarity with the series is not required, it is highly recommended as the story mode mostly covers the latter parts of Naruto’s final arc.

6 New Pokemon Snap

If you want a more casual game with monsters and prefer not to fight them, but want to observe them and take pictures of them, then New Pokemon Snap is for you. Most Pokémon aren’t kaiju-sized, but they all fit the literal meaning of the word, which is “strange beast.”

Although photography may seem boring to some, taking photos of Pokémon and using various tools to observe their behavior is a totally different experience from taking photos of real animals. New Pokemon Snap also has a lot of content for players to discover, but unlocking everything can be quite tedious.

5 Rise of the Monster Hunter

While not as popular as Monster Hunter: World, Monster Hunter Rise does bring some quality of life improvements that are hopefully permanent changes. Hunters no longer need to regulate their temperature when hunting monsters in extreme conditions or search and follow monster tracks all over the map to find them.

Monster Hunter Rise also featured the Wirebug; a bug hunter can use as a grappling hook, and the Palamute, a canine companion that hunters can ride or fight alongside when hunting. If that’s not enough, the Sunbreak expansion has added more features, including new and returning monsters, armor sets, weapons, and more.

4 Godzilla: Save the Earth

Another game fans will need to dust off their old consoles to play is 2004’s Godzilla: Save The Earth for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was the last decent console game to include the King of the Monsters’ name in the title. Save The Earth is the second game in the Godzilla trilogy developed by Pipeworks Software and is often considered the best.

Godzilla: Save the Earth has 17 playable monsters, six more than its predecessor Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee. Other improvements include a better story mode, allowing players to use beam attacks more frequently, a challenge mode, and more.

3 Dawn of the Monsters

A kaiju-themed side-scrolling beat-em-up from 13 AM Games and WayForward, Dawn Of The Monsters has its four playable characters teaming up to save the world from monstrous beings called Nephilim. While each character has their own playstyle, they can also be equipped with up to three augments allowing for particular abilities or bonuses.

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For example, if your health is depleting quickly, you can equip the selected character with the Vampirism Augment which restores health when attacking enemies. Dawn Of The Monsters is more challenging than other modern beat ’em ups, but luckily players can team up with a friend to help them out.

2 Jurassic World Evolution 2

If you prefer kaiju of the saurian variety, why not try your hand at running a park full of real prehistoric animals that once roamed the Earth? Jurassic World Evolution 2, the sequel to Jurassic World Evolution, can provide just that for interested gamers.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 increases the number of available dinosaurs from 49 to over 75 and improves their behaviors, making them more complex and more likely to interact with others. It also adds a revamped terrain tool, a new Chaos Theory mode inspired by the Jurassic Park film series, and more. Any dinosaur fanatic should give it a try.

1 monster war

A game whose spirit GigaBash continues, War Of The Monsters, also doesn’t feature any licensed characters, instead having playable characters pays a somewhat obvious homage to them. Other similarities include the ability to destroy buildings, grab and use various items, and special attacks unique to each character.

War Of The Monsters also wears its cinematic inspirations on its sleeve, with menus resembling a drive-in cinema, fake movie posters serving as loading screens, and more. War Of The Monsters is a bit dated by today’s standards, as it’s a PlayStation 2 game from 2002, but it’s still a game worth playing for any fan. of kaiju.

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