23 expert home organization products


Organizing tips from the pros

start small

Both Godding and Williams said to start small with a trash drawer, medicine cabinet, or under the bathroom sink.

“Sometimes we get really excited when we start a project, and then once it gets awkward, that’s when we start freaking out,” Godding said. She said to choose a place with limits, like a single drawer or closet.

Williams says to look for a manageable project that “you feel you can get a quick win from.”

Don’t forget to reduce

“The first thing I will always tell people is to try to get rid of as much stuff as you can comfortably do,” Williams said. This includes your pantry, where she suggests donating unopened, unexpired foods that you know you won’t eat.

“It’s okay to part with things, even if you’ve spent money on them,” she said. Once you start decluttering, “your home will feel more like your sanctuary and will be more functional and organized.”

Use what you have

If you don’t want to collect more “stuff,” you probably have items around the house that can help you organize, Williams said, from plastic bags to old iPhone boxes. “Everyone, for whatever reason, decides to keep the boxes, so reuse them,” she said.

Look for versatile options

“I’m a big fan of trying to find products that you could ultimately use in several different spaces in the home,” Godding said. Think of them as an investment you can take with you when you move or start using a room in a new way.


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