6 Actresses Who Could Play Young Barbie In Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’


With a single promotional image of Margot Robbie and a lot of word of mouth, Greta Gerwig and by Noah Baumbach Barbie is becoming one of the hottest movies on the way. With Robbie as Barbie, as well as Ryan Gosling like Ken, and an awesome set with Kate McKinnon, Issa Raeand Will Ferrell, moviegoers have put the film on their radars. Except for Robbie’s comments that the movie will be “give you something totally different“, we know very little about his direction. The project went from Diablo Cody and Amy Schumer for Anne Hathaway and Patty Jenkins before finally settling on its current iteration in production.


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Barbie’s coveted role in flashback or in her youth was recently announced as Emma Mackeythe beloved actress behind Maeve from Sex education, and she ticks more than a few boxes, namely her resemblance to Robbie. Which begs the question, what do you need as an actress to play young Barbie? Although controversial and perhaps unrealistic, the doll is known for her physical identity, but Barbie’s personality has become more important as body standards have changed and become less rigorous in our culture. Perhaps more importantly, with the brilliantly progressive Gerwig and Baumbach in the creative pulpit creating IP for 2022 audiences, who plays Barbie should be able to signal power and independence as the character will surely become a capable self-starter. of a variety of roles.

Sydney Sweeney is 24 years old and has already played in three of the biggest shows of the past five years: Euphoria, The White Lotusand The Handmaid’s Tale. Although she is just cutting her teeth in film, she is an actress of considerable range capable of attracting sympathy, empathy and, based on Twitter talk, severe hate like Cassie Howard. .

She watches the role and holds a parallel career in modeling, as well as Sweeney who was upset and at the center of marginalization and controversies accredited to directors she worked with would provide a meta angle since Barbie as a toy faced a similar backlash due to Mattel’s decisions. Sweeney would hold the acting chops necessary to portray what Gerwig can describe as a difficult transformation as Barbie enters adulthood, as she is adept at capturing the attention of an audience with heartbreak and humiliation.

One of the most talked about emerging actresses of the past five years, Florence Poug is Shakespearean trained, broke into the iconic horror movie Midsommarand is in the running to play Madonna in his self-edited biopic.


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Pugh holds comfortable territory with Gerwig, with Amy March in Little woman in 2019. Frankly, audiences should be happy to see Pugh folding the laundry at this point, because even at the age of 26, his placement as a lead in things ranging from Marvel IPs to silent dramas creates enough of sensation so that the public can create theories about his character and attract attention. With Noah Baumbach and Gerwig in the front seat and Margot Robie and Ryan Gosling in the lead, Barbie is filled with big names of talent and prestige, which is an environment that Pugh would thrive in.

The independent alternative choice. For how interesting his legacy is as an indie-pop star, Sky Ferreira acting career is another reflection of her personality consisting of 15 Memorable Black Horror Performances (green hell, the twin peaks revival) to independent dramas (Pink, Elvis and Nixon) at the commercial rate (baby driver).

Gerwig’s films often feature in-depth examinations of female youth on the way to adulthood, and Ferreira’s subjects already have a deep connection to these themes. Imagine the first act or flashbacks of Barbie as a brooding darker character and Ferreira would make sense. It would be part of the singer’s comeback after stepping away from music in 2015 with her new album due out this year.

With ozark, Invent Anna, and The wizardJulia Garner has been one to watch for years and its visibility continues to increase. She already holds two Emmys and is barely 28 years old.

Garner can play cruel, but more importantly, she can play tough, which would be a relevant skill, especially if the filmmakers make the decision to portray Barbie as an independent. One can forget that the toy took on various roles as a doctor, astronaut, and athlete who owned giraffes and lions and hosted news programs most likely in male-dominated environments. Garner’s performance as Anna Delvey also places her character work in mundane circles and as a materialist, two things that Barbie also considers. She considers both sides of the coin when looking at the doll’s story: objectification and influence.

Chloe Grace Moretz, although she was only in her twenties, she had a career spanning nearly two decades. While many films feature actresses older than their roles who may be more suited to take on the direction, Moretz has had the rare journey of growing up with the roles she plays as the Hit-Girl in Kick ass at the age of 13, Carrie at the age of 16 and a sorority sister at the age of 19 at Neighbors 2.


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With a natural radiance and some off-Broadway stage experience, Moretz has the high drama, intensity and comedic range to take on anything the Barbie movie would need. She has an eternally youthful quality that makes her a natural to play the teenage Barbie, but more importantly Moretz’s philosophy in real life plays into Barbie’s morality. She is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and identifies as a feminist, refusing roles she considers oversexualized.

Watching Saoirse Ronan transform from a 23-year-old Irish girl into a 17-year-old Pasadena theater kid in lady bird was one of the great pleasures of cinematic representation in recent memory. His repertoire has also included Broadway and West End renditions of classic productions, the offbeat rhythm of Wes Andersonand effects-oriented work with peter jackson.

Saoirse Ronan would bring substantial depth to a Barbie movie, as playing a young version of an incredibly famous American archetype could benefit from her candor. Ronan is also familiar with Gerwig’s work as the star of his two previous projects and the couple went on to mention how much they loved working with each other.


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