Alexandria teacher named Virginia Organization math teacher of the year

Farr Quinn, Math Teacher of the Year (CAPS Courtesy Photo)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Farr Quinn teaches eighth grade math at Jefferson-Houston School. She encourages her students to develop a love of learning while skillfully applying her lessons to Virginia learning standards. For her dedication, she was named the recipient of the William C. Lowry Math Educator of the Year Award. The honor is awarded annually by the Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (VCTM).

“The Mathematics Teacher of the Year Award recognizes a middle school teacher as a representative of Virginia who exemplifies dedication to teaching and learning math for equity, challenging the status quo. quo and inspiring others in the field with their innovative and creative ways to engage students in math,” said Holly Tate, pedagogical math coach at Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School.

Holly Tate (Photo courtesy of VCTM)

Tate, who won the award last year, nominated his colleague. According to the VCTM website, to be nominated, individuals must:

!) Have a minimum of five years of teaching experience and currently teach, be employed as a math resource teacher or math specialist;

2) Have made notable achievements in the teaching of mathematics;

3) Being nominated by someone or self-nominating; and

4) Be a current member of the VCTM.

The award is given to teachers at various educational levels, from primary to post-secondary.

His namesake has dedicated his life to teaching mathematics to students in Virginia. The CSPA Express newsletter reports: “Dr. Lowry is said to have had a greater impact on the promotion of mathematics education in the Commonwealth than any other educator.

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