Arcadia Theater stage damaged by broken sprinkler | News


WINDBER, Pa. — Cleanup work is still underway inside Windber’s Arcadia Theater after a ruptured sprinkler system soaked a corner of the stage on Tuesday, the venue manager said.

Gerald Ledney said he received an alarm call on Tuesday morning that water was leaking onto the stage of the show.

“We’re lucky. The alarms went off once a problem was detected and everything worked as it was supposed to in a situation like this,” Ledney said, noting that the fire departments in Windber and Scalp Level reacted and moved quickly to shut off the water.

It appears the damage was minimal, he said. With plumbers and an electrician still working inside, Ledney is optimistic Arcadia’s 2022 season will kick off as scheduled in March without any delays or cancellations.

“We still have some time to put everything back together,” he said.

From the perspective of a person facing the stage, the water damage was confined to the right corner and was contained before spreading to the auditorium seating area or any other area of ​​the historic theatre, a he declared.

A contractor has already vacuumed the standing water and installed fans and dehumidifiers to dry out any remaining moisture, Ledney said.


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