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Featuring a cast of actors from the Hunt/Hopkins County area, the Community Players of Sulfur Springs will perform a “room within a room” comedy titled “Barbecuing Hamlet.”

The play – which stars Hunt County actors JD Jones, Kylie Shoemake, Rebekah Oglesby and husband-wife-son trio James, Susan and Tristan Hall – is about a small theater that operates out of a living room remodeled funeral home. A new manager, named Margo Daley, is hired to direct a production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” but she soon discovers several odd demands from the theater’s board and the challenges presented by the community at large.

On the one hand, he was told to make the play a melodrama “so the audience knows when to throw the popcorn.” He’s also told to set the piece in the Wild West and find ways to get the names of the production sponsors into the piece, and that (of course, as the title suggests) the barbecue will be sold out before the spectacle.

Finally, to make matters even more difficult, Margo only has a cast of four actors to perform the five-act play and an old woman who lives under the theater keeps banging her cane against the underside of the stage when the repetitions become too noisy.

The Sulfur Springs Community Players production of “Barbecuing Hamlet” is being directed by 16-year-old first director Grace Mansfield of Sulfur Springs.

“I had the most fun with this amazing cast,” Mansfield said. “They really worked with me, and it was a great experience…especially since being a director in a small theater is such a big job, because you are in charge of costumes, set design and other aspects of production besides just directing, but the casting was just wonderful throughout the process.

“Barbecuing Hamlet” will be performed at the Main Street Theater at 227 Main St. in Sulfur Springs at the following times:

• 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday March 18 and 19

• 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 20

• 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday March 25 and 26

• 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 27

Tickets can be purchased in advance online at for $12. The price at the door will be $15.


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