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LAHORE: Lahore is famous for its brilliant theater and many well-known and lesser-known bands have staged wonderful dramas in various theater halls in the city. Keeping this tradition alive, Azad Theatre, one of the leading alternative theater groups in Lahore, is gearing up to stage a play based on the classic Pakistani film Kartar Singh.

“Through drama, we want to highlight classic Pakistani films, bring them to life in the memory of the people. That’s why we produce a play on Kartar Singh, which is also related to independence. We are celebrating the 75th Independence Day,” Azad Theater executive director Malik Aslam told Dawn.

He said the play, titled Kartar Singh, is the result of a month-long workshop, held by Azad Theater from August 3 to September 3. About 20 young actors, girls and boys, participated in the workshop. At the end of the workshop, this group of new actors, along with lead actors from the Azad Theater, rehearse for the play.

Mr Aslam said the program for the play would be available in October and the major production would be staged at the Alhamra Art Centre, The Mall.

The play, he added, was adapted by Nadeem Abbas, one of the leading members of the Azad Theatre. The music tracks would be original and they would be played by a live orchestra.

“We will also incorporate the poetry of Ustad Daman and Heer Waris Shah into the play depending on the situation.”

Aslam said that although Azad Theater was established as an organization as recently as 2011, it consists of a very experienced and dynamic team with over 22 years of experience. The team members had been performing in the mainstream for 20 years and had had insight into folk and modern theater techniques, he added.

The team is among the best trained theater teams in the country, as all of its members have participated in a number of national and international workshops over the years and have been trained in international and local theater techniques.

Posted in Dawn, September 5, 2022


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