Dante Scarnecchia shares his thoughts on Patriots play calls


The Patriots’ 2022 season has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. The season roughly started with a embarrassing loss to the Miami Dolphins, a game that went as well as the pre-season had seemed. Since that first defeat, every game has been a draw. Although some notable improvements were made within the team, the overall lack of consistency continued to be the main culprit in their demise.

Because the the defense was the most important group of the team, keeping the Patriots within reach of securing another win, much of the attention and scrutiny has rightly been directed to the offense. From quarterback struggles to inconsistent offensive line protection to predictable play calls, many hoped a familiar face would return to the sidelines at some point this season.

While that scenario will likely never happen, former o-line coach Dante Scarnecchia recently spoke on NBC Sports Boston’s Next Pats podcast about New England’s current issues and shared his thoughts on some popular topics.

Ever since it was revealed that Colts defensive players were calling plays seeing the Patriots offense line up in last week’s game, it’s been the most talked about topic all week. Because the call-in has been one of the most criticized parts of the team’s season so far, Scarnecchia was asked how common it is in the league based on his experience.

“I think it’s not unusual. We all have to understand that these guys get paid on the other side as well. Guys like CJ Mosley and [Leonard], they are both middle linebackers. They study the game. They study the tendencies and formations of opponents.

Bill Belichick was asked about the situation earlier in the week, mentioning that even the Jets’ CJ Mosley apparently knew what the Patriots’ offense was about to do in their Week 8 game. The coach continued to say it was unclear if Mosley had just anticipated the game or if it was something the attack had made apparent, but mentioned they will have to work to prevent it in future matches.

Scarnecchia continued with her response, repeating what Belichick had said the previous days, emphasizing the need for change. He mentioned that fooling defenses is part of the game, which inevitably leads to more success offensively.

“I think that’s part of it, as an attacking coach you say, ‘OK, look. When you line up in this formation, it can’t always be that. It must be something else too. It’s protecting the things you do. I think that’s extremely important.

It’s not just about studying your opponents, what they do and how they do it, but also studying yourself. “What tendencies do we show people based on our training? Often it can be something as simple as someone in some type of position. There are many instances where a guard or tackle can be light in position, and everyone knows it will be a pass.

… You pick up these things, you use them to your advantage. I saw the plays they were playing on TV. Guy knew what was going on? I’m sure he did.

Recognizing that your opponent is as knowledgeable about your team as you are is usually a strength on a Patriots team led by Belichick. Seeing this continue as a problem over the past few weeks has become increasingly alarming as the offense’s struggles remain clear.

The defense outperformed what most thought they would be capable of before the start of the season, but relying almost solely on this group to keep you in the game while providing more opportunities for the offense to take the field n It’s not a long-standing recipe. Hit.

While Belichick loves a defensively dominant team, he’s not naive in what it takes to be competitive in today’s NFL. Scarnecchia was asked what he assumes the mindset of the coach is and if he thinks Belichick has relied on defensive performance to keep winning games.

“I don’t think they do (I think that’s enough). You want to be complete. You want to attack in the racing game. You want to attack on the inside all the way out… You want to complement that with running action passes, throwbacks, voids… They’re certainly capable of doing all of those things. Ultimately it will come to this, making plays in the passing game, using the talents and skills of Mac (Jones) and the skills of the guys around him. You must have the whole package to succeed. Few games are won 9-6 or 7-3 in this league.

As the Patriots take time off during their bye week, they have a lot to improve on before their next game against the New York Jets. The AFC East has become a much tougher division than it has been in several years, forcing the Patriots to smooth things over quickly and quickly.

With only eight games left in the season, there is little time left to sort out what needs to be fixed and accomplish what is needed to improve. However, having hopefully an entire week to delve into watching movies and diagnosing the team’s weaknesses, the Patriots will become more vital starting in Week 11.


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