Detroit Lions Dan Campbell NFL play-calling explored


Lions first-year chief Dan Campbell has heard criticism over his call to play loud and clear over the past two weeks.

The difficult aspect of reviewing Campbell’s decision-making has been his willingness to be ultra-aggressive against the Rams and then become more passive in the third and fourth over the past two weeks.

He spoke about it during his media session with reporters on Monday.

“I think it’s no different from anything else. You always look at yourself and find where you can improve, ”Campbell told reporters. “Sure, there are a few calls that I wish I could pick up. I think finding leads has certainly been good enough. You know, I feel like just mixing it up and letting these guys go ahead has been pretty good and helped us. We kind of found a racing game here. “

Campbell added, “I think there might be a few calls out there, where… you know, it’s hard to say because you could well say, maybe we should put it in here. also we want to be aware of the first week you have a guy you know you don’t feel like he can push the ball on the pitch you want to be smart conditions are not good you come back with another game where the conditions aren’t great, and Boyle didn’t… it was his first start. So, you just go back and forth on that one. Are you trying to take care of him? Are you trying to get him with Swift on the ground? Or do you put it in his hands? So you play this game a bit. Certainly there are things that I wish I could get back. But, I’m growing up too. ”

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Something that could help Campbell’s offense move forward is to involve the wide receivers more.

Lions replacement Tim Boyle, who started Jared Goff in Week 11 against the Cleveland Browns, connected with just one traditional receiver on Sunday: Amon-Ra St. Brown. St. Brown finished with four catches and 18 yards in the afternoon.

“Look, I think what’s going to help us is getting a first try. If we can get a first down and keep a practice going, then we get a few more plays to try and get it in the hands of our receivers, whether it’s a point or a short pass, ”said Campbell. “So I think in order to really help these guys I think we have to convert on the third try. You know, we’re way too low right now. I mean, even though you can convert one or two more times on each game, you allow yourself at least six games. You don’t know where it’s going to go. So I think it all starts there.


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