Embracing Arlington Arts reports successes in 2021


Non-profit arts advocacy organization Embracing Arlington Arts (EAA) is widely known in the theater community for its weekly “Embracing Arlington Arts Talks” podcasts featuring artists, actors, theater leaders, dignitaries artists, gallery directors, dancers, musicians, etc. The organization has now released its 2021 Annual Achievements Report.

“Last year continued to be very challenging for our arts organizations due to the COVID pandemic,” said EAA President Janet Kopenhaver. “Our work was totally focused on helping these organisations, arts professionals and artists to reopen and recover from the devastation caused by the 2020 shutdown.”

Michael J. Bobbitt, Executive Director of the Mass Cultural Council, former Artistic Director of Adventure Theatre-MTC.

Some of the highlights of the organization’s work include the launch of its third series of educational podcasts focusing on the health benefits of the arts, the release of a ‘Health Benefits of the Arts’ database library than 100 accredited studies on these benefits on different populations. sectors, continued to air weekly podcasts featuring artists and arts professionals talking about their openings or other happenings, and hosting “A Diversity Chat with Michael Bobbitt”. The organization also hit 10,000 podcast episode downloads, doubled the number of visitors to its website, grew its email list by a third and surpassed 1,000 followers on Facebook.

Janet Kopenhaver, Founder and President of Embracing Arlington Arts.

“While 2021 was focused on the current detrimental ramifications of the pandemic, we are looking to 2022 and focusing our efforts on a future performing arts center in Arlington,” Kopenhaver added. The organization is currently drafting a business plan and has engaged in discussions with developers, investors, Arlington County leaders, potential arts organization partners, and the community at large about the project. . More information can be found here.

Embrace the Arts of Arlington is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the vibrancy and health of arts and culture in Arlington through advocacy and outreach programs, outreach initiatives, and projects that enhance the equitable access to the artistic and cultural environment. Interested supporters are encouraged to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. For more information contact Janet Kopenhaver at janetk@embracing-arlington-arts.org.


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