Enjoy breakfast, happy hour on stage at the Michigan Theater


ANN ARBOR, MI — Experience theater from an actor’s perspective during an upcoming onstage event at the Michigan Theater.

The Michigan Theater, 603 East Liberty St., is hosting two different meals on the theater stage as part of an informational event promoting the Towsley Society, the giving society of the Michigan Theater Foundation.

The first event, a happy hour, is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20 and includes a social hour and an informational program. The second is breakfast and an 8-9am program on Wednesday, September 21.

Each program will cover the history of the Michigan Theatre, the State Theater and the Towsley Society, as well as the role the foundation plays in the community and the challenges the theaters face. Participants will be invited to pledge at the event or at a later date.

The Towsley Society, formed in the 1990s, is named after Margaret Towsley, whose philanthropy was key to saving the theater from demolition in 1979.

“It can be relatively inexpensive to get involved with the Michigan Theater as a member and get discounts and special events and things like that,” said Russ Collins, executive director of the Michigan Theater Foundation. “The Towsley Society is basically the top tier for people who might have a bit more disposable income and a level of passion for the arts and for what we are capable of doing in historic preservation, the arts and community.”

Because Michigan Theater operates as an independent nonprofit, it faces different challenges than other foundations supported by larger organizations, Collins said.

“We think the historic preservation mission and the cultural mission make us a bit unique,” Collins said. “The artistic mission makes us a bit unique (as does) the fact that we are independent and that we can only survive thanks to the support of the community. Without that, this organization couldn’t continue because we don’t have that biggest owner there.

Both programs are free and will allow participants to take the stage.

“Not many people can get on stage or be on stage, so we’ve realized over the years that this is a really special opportunity for people to get on stage and see what it’s like to experience the Michigan Theater looking into the audience, as opposed to looking from the audience on stage,” Collins said. “So people really relate and take advantage of that opportunity.”

To RSVP for the event, email Ali Elatrache, Michigan Theater Development Associate, at aelatrache@michtheater.org or by calling 734-668-8397 ext. 22. Find Michigan Theater on lineon social media or by phone at 734-668-8397.

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