EU Masters 2022 Play-Ins groups drawn, who had the worst?


With the groups drawn, the path to the main stage was set for the 16 ERL teams in the play-in phase of the European Masters 2022.

The play-ins group draw split 16 teams into four groups, with each group going through a double best-of-ones round robin. The top two from each group then proceed to the knockout stage where the first seed from each group will face a second seed from another. The four surviving teams take to the main stage.

The only region with four seeds, the French LFL, has two teams starting life in the play-in phase with Vitality.Bee and GameWard. Both will be among the favorites to progress. Other stronger regional league teams include Illuminar Gaming of the Ultraliga, SK Gaming Prime of the Prime League and BISONS ECLUB of the SuperLiga.

Elsewhere, Spring 2021 finalists JDXL started this split strong, before seeing their form plunge after the departure of mid laner Jang “EMENES” Min-soo. The team fought their way to qualification after the NLC secured a third seed for the tournament.

Many non-accredited ERLs only have teams that qualify for the EU Masters 2022 Play-Ins, and none advance directly to the main event. This includes two teams from the Portuguese LPLOL, who both found themselves in very difficult groups.

Is Karmine Corp in the EU Masters 2022?

Karmine Corp failed to earn a place in the EU Masters 2022 and will not be participating in the event.

Despite winning the previous three editions of the tournament, Karmine Corp unfortunately failed to qualify for the next edition of the tournament. The French side struggled to find their form throughout the summer split and only managed a 6th place finish in the regular season. Their fortunes didn’t change in the playoffs either, collapsing at the first hurdle with a 3-1 loss to GameWard to cement an EUM omission.


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