From the theater stage to the big stage (and millions of winnings)


Fans have fallen in love with Jessie J as the young singer gives them a reason with every trick and makes a fortune doing it.

Jessie J is a famous and beloved pop star. However, very few know that life has not always been good for her. She started her journey from a theater stage and ended up on the big stage, earning millions.

Jessie J was born as Jessica Ellen Cornish in Chadwell Heath, in the London Borough of Redbridge, England. She has become famous in recent years thanks to her super hits like Price Tag, Bang Bang and Alive. Jessie J gained her initial expertise on the theater stage before heading to the big stage.

At first, she experienced medical complications, which could have sabotaged her singing career. However, persistence was the key that helped her rebuild herself whenever she experienced a setback. Today Jessie J is a living legend.

The beginning of his career

Jessica Ellen Cornish started her career when she was just 11 years old. Jessie J, who describes herself as Essex’s daughter, attended Colin’s Performing Art school. At a tender age, she made her debut in Whistle Down the Wind, produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End production.

In 2002, Jessie was part of The Late Sleepers after joining the National Youth Music Theater. The following year, when she was about 15, she performed in a competition called Britain’s Brilliant Prodigies.

Started as a songwriter

Jessie J’s first song was called Big White Room. She wrote this song when she was hospitalized at the age of 11 and unfortunately had to share a large white room in the hospital with a younger one on her deathbed. The emotional masterpiece was composed at the age of 17.

A new opportunity presented itself to her when Gut Records invited her to sign a contract that would allow her to travel and perform with other renowned artists. Sadly, Gut Records went bankrupt and closed the deal even before Jessica’s big journey could begin.

Jessica Cornish’s hopes were still there as she had complete confidence in her talent. She decided to adopt a stage name and chose “Jessie J.” Nonetheless, she suffered another blow at the age of 18, where she suffered a minor stroke and had to take a break from work. Right after recovering, she signed a contract with Sony ATV to seal her fate in songwriting. One of her early successes was composing the song Party in the USA for Miley Cyrus.

The making of a pop star

The success of The Party in the United States was the great achievement of Jessie J. Then she performed in a famous opening concert for Cyndi Lauper in the popular song of Lauper. Girls just wanna have fun. Getting started as a successful songwriter has proven to be helpful in carving out a pop star name.

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Soon she signed the historic contract with Universal Music Group; this gave him the chance to record his songs all over the world. Jessie’s first shot was Do it like a guy, originally intended to be played by Rihanna. Jessie J’s performance captured hearts across the UK. After topping the UK pop singles charts, Jessie J was also featured on the BBC’s Sound of 2011 list. His second single titled Price Tag featured BoB rap, and it rose to the top of the UK pop singles charts. This time he was also number 11 in America.

Jessie J produced one gem after another. Her monumental success that followed was her debut album titled Who You Are. She spent about six years creating this masterpiece, and it became very popular in the UK and the US. His success in America was reassured with his mind-blowing single titled Domino. Jessi J spent almost a year making her next masterpiece – Alive. The first single from this album, Wild, gained immense popularity in the UK.

Jessie J diversified her growing music career by performing at the 2012 Olympics and later as a mentor at the British reality show The Voice in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. She also gained a new music market of billions of people in China after winning a Chinese TV show called Singer in 2018.

Jessi J promotes self-positivity and personal growth; she wrote a single titled It’s my Party as a positive return to all the hate messages she received for her performances. The treasures that followed were part of his third solo album titled Sweet Talker. His song Flashlight has become a sensation across the UK, US and the rest of the world. It was used in the famous movie Pitch Perfect 2.

Jessica says the “J” in her stage name doesn’t have a specific meaning, but it makes her as cool as she is. In addition, she is in her thirties and is already worth millions. In 2021, Jessie J’s net worth is calculated to be a fantastic $ 30 million.

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