HABPI honors east Adams rail-to-trail organization


Healthy Adams Bicycle / Pedestrian, Inc. (HABPI) named Healthy Eastern Adams Rails & Trails (HEART) Pioneer of the Year in recognition of the organization’s work in advancing the development of the East Berlin Rail Trail.

The pedestrian and cyclist-friendly trail is expected to extend from the city of East Berlin to Berlin Junction, a stop on the historic Western Maryland Railroad just southeast of New Oxford. The first phase of the trail will be integrated into the planned Kuhn’s Woods public park in East Berlin. A second phase is planned to continue south of East Berlin to Pine Run Road. This is the first such project in the Adams area, in the eastern part of the county.

“We are encouraged by the good work done by HEART to build a rail track from East Berlin,” said Eric Meyer, President of HABPI. “By planning to work closely with the East Berlin Borough Council, the East Berlin Parks and Recreation Commission and the Canton of Hamilton, they are doing an excellent job of bringing the project to fruition. An extensive feasibility study was completed in 2015. We look forward to seeing this trail become a great resource for healthy outdoor recreation for the community.

“The hard-working, all-volunteer HEART Board of Directors certainly deserves this recognition,” said Meyer. “They promote the health, quality of life and long-term economic development of the community.

HABPI is dedicated to the development of hiking and biking trails in Adams County for recreation and transportation. It annually names a Pioneer of the Year to recognize community members who have made significant contributions to the development of hiking and biking trails in Adams County. For more information, visit HABPI.org.


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