James Franco was going to play another character in Spider-Man


This week the third film of the Spider Man from Tom holland, Spider-Man: No Path Home, which featured several classic villain returns from other films. Among them was Norman Osborn, played in the saga of Sam raimi for Willem Dafoe. In said trilogy, Norman had a son named Harry osborn, that he was not only going to become his heir as Green goblin he was also the best friend with Peter Parker.

James franco was responsible for bringing the version of Harry osborn from the saga of Raimi (Dane dehaan did it in The Amazing Spider-Man, while in the trilogy of Jon watts did not appear). What is striking is that before being chosen by the director to play this character as double as Harry osborn, Franco was set to be another very important figure in the franchise of wonder who made it to the movies in 2002.

As revealed by himself Franco in an interview with Paly’s voice In 2007, the actor was originally presented to be Peter Parker. His work was so good that he reached the final stages, just before losing the role with Tobey Maguire, in a short list in which they were also Freddie Prinze Jr. Yes Joe manganiello.

“My hearing went well. The production company invested a lot of money in sets and cranes for the auditions, which is unusual. I went, did it, and spent six weeks biting my nails. Waiting for the call.noted the actor. As is known, the role of the protagonist was left to Maguire, who has become a fan favorite, and despite his frustration, there have been some wins. “Later I realized I couldn’t do it and I was really disappointed. Then, Sam raimi He called me, with whom I got along really well, offered to Harry and no one else has auditioned for the character “, he counted Franco.

Chances of seeing Franco again in Marvel

In the saga of Spider Man from Sam raimi, Harry osborn ends up dead and that could be an obstacle to his return. However, the new film by Tom holland made it clear that death is no obstacle to seeing classic villains again, aside from the fact that in the comics there is also talk of resurrections. In the brand impressions created by Stan lee Yes Steve ditko, Norman Osborn managed to bring it back to life with the help of Mysterio.

However, the present of James franco almost completely excludes the possibility of seeing it again. The actor was denounced for sexual harassment by several students of his theater school and, although having denied the said accusations, he had to sign compensation with the justice in the middle which, as reported Hollywood journalist, amounted to nearly $ 2.2 million. It would be very strange if wonder I would call him back with such a negative image.

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