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Jamie Lynn Spears will have to find another beneficiary for some of the profits from his pending memoir, “Things I Should Have Said.”

It’s my courage, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering “individuals to put their names and faces to their true stories of recovery from mental illness and addiction,” publicly refused on Monday to accept the pledged contribution of the former “Zoey 101” actress.

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“We hear you. This Is My Brave was recently recommended as an organization to benefit from the benefit of Jamie Lynn Spears’ upcoming book. We have made the decision to decline the offer to receive proceeds from the book sale,” the organization wrote on his official Instagram page.

Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, is the younger sister of pop icon Britney Spears, 39, who only recently left a 13-year-old guardianship through which their father, Jamie Spears, controlled finances and the life of the eldest daughter for more than a decade. Britney Spears’ widely-reported mental health and addiction issues have manifested themselves publicly in the two decades since her meteoric rise, but her massive fan base has remained intensely loyal throughout the public drama.

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According to Billboard, Jamie Lynn Spears praised It’s My Brave’s “Amazing Work” announcement on October 11 his intentions to offer the association financial support “because I know how scary it can be to share personal difficulties, especially if you don’t think you have the support or a safe space to do so.”

As a result of the verbal engagement, however, This is My Brave faced backlash from Britney Spears fans, who argued that Jamie Lynn Spears had exploited the battle of her older sister’s guardianship and was not supporting her. not, United States today reported.

At a hearing on June 23, Britney Spears blamed her family for their troubled past, telling the judges: “I would honestly sue my family, to be completely honest with you. I would also like to be able to share my story with the world, and what they did to me, instead of it being a secret secret for the benefit of all ”, Signposted display panel.

End of June, Jamie Lynn Spears spoken publicly for the first time about her sister’s long battle for guardianship.

“The only reason I hadn’t done it before was because I felt like until my sister was able to speak for herself and say what she had need to say publicly, that it was not my place and that it was not the right thing to do, but now that she has spoken very clearly and has said what she has to say, I have it. ‘feel like I can follow her lead and say what I need to say,’ she said in a video posted to Instagram.

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“I don’t care if she wants to run away to a rainforest and have millions of babies in the middle of nowhere, or if she wants to come back and rule the world like she has done so many times before, because I have nothing to gain or lose anyway. This situation does not affect me anyway because I am just his sister who only cares about his happiness, “added Jamie Lynn Spears.


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