Maneskin recruits Jimmy Fallon to play bass on ‘Supermodel’


Maneskin tipped over The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Friday night (May 19), but the talk show host ended up providing musical assistance on the track, replacing bassist Victoria De Angelis.

“It’s a true story, their bassist Vic couldn’t be there because she got sick,” Fallon revealed before the performance. “She’s fine. But they needed a bass player, so they asked me if I could play. That’s right, it happened this morning around 11 am. [I was like] ‘How do you play it? What is that? I do not know.'”

But after learning a specific part of the song, Fallon remarked, “So I got this. I said, ‘I can do this. I can rock this. And I can make noise, “so I’ll do it for Vic.” He then proclaimed loud and clear, “I’m gonna do this for rock ‘n’ roll. I’m gonna do this for the world.”

Earlier today, Fallon posted a clip on Instagram teasing that something might be up with the band’s performance that night.

But Fallon decided not only to rock the bass, but also to look the part, sporting a blonde wig with bangs, and he energetically spilled onto the stage with the other band members.

“Supermodel” was released last week in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, a contest they won the year before.

As for those wondering about Fallon’s musical journey, it’s worth noting that early in his career as a cast member on saturday night livehe was known for some of his musical imitations. Although bass may not be his instrument of expertise, he has played guitar in the past.

Maneskin performs “Supermodel” with Jimmy Fallon Bass on The Tonight Show

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