Maribel Guardia looks stunning in ‘El Tenorio Cómica’


Maribel Guardia looks stunning in ‘El Tenorio Cómica’ | instagram

beautiful and talented Costa Rican actressAnd the Maribel Guardiastrives to continue to be closely linked and also works to support his family and participate in various projects one of which is a play called “The comic Tenorio”.

Also on this occasion Model She was tasked with flaunting her beauty on stage, with a photo posted on her official Instagram for Entertainment showing her playing the role of her character. Mrs Ines.

We got to see the pretty dress, the shoes, the stockings and of course all the accessories it is made of LetterAs well as that smile and that pretty personality that sets her apart.

Internet users quickly came to appreciate ContentsThey gave him over 10,000 likes in a few hours and the number kept growing, he caught the attention of thousands of people who haven’t had the chance to see his show on stage yet. .

To know that the celebrity has already been involved in this project for several months now, and it is one of the most important things that she currently has and what excites her the most, to be able to revive a tradition as beautiful than the theater for her is a privilege.

Maribel Guardia shares what she looks like at Comic Tenorio.

This is how Maribel Guardia showed us more about her work and of course she was also in charge of displaying her beauty, that figure that cost her so much to stay healthy by training in her gym and of course also by training. Take care of his diet.

Sometimes he also devotes himself to sharing his other works with us, like one of his most recent, being an influencer for various online stores, promoting some of his clothes that you can buy and come to your home.

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