Maryland’s AngelWing Project Takes Audiences to Beale Street


Beale was the soul of Memphis, with black-owned boutiques, shops, and a carnival atmosphere coupled with an indulgent nightlife that enticed many to indulge their underground vices. Salons, clubs, gambling, prostitution and incredible music; the boogie-woogie and especially the blues; Beale had an attraction that was hard to resist. Cousins ​​Clay Carter and Turner Davis were born in the Lower Mississippi Delta, and as teenagers they jump on a train in an attempt to leave the deceptive, one-sided sharecropping system in search of a better life. Chicago was the goal, but 240 miles from Greenville, MS was as far as they got.

Hustlers by nature, hanging out on Beale has become second nature to the enterprising personalities of Clay and Turner. But after narrowly escaping death or imprisonment – and as relationships became part of their lives, the desire to “stay legitimate” set in. But how can they resist the allure and charm of the life they have known for so long? Could they be successful in a society that despised them because they were black men? They were willing to do their best for the cause, except that limited choices were marred by secrets from the past and present that threatened to invade and interrupt their chances of achieving their dreams. Could they rationally search for true and true justice? Clay and Turner would be tested, tempted and tormented; both with their own individual secrets that would destroy or deliver them.

The dynamic cast includes Robert Smith, Evan Carrington, Nefertari Rasaq, Starr Hill, Kike Ayodeji, Joshua Street, Katana Pressley, Garrett Matthews, Vincent Stovall, Khalil Alston, Reginald Baskerville and Aaron Keith Ward.

About the AngelWing project: AngelWing Project, Inc. (AWP) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit performing arts organization founded by Angela Wilson in 2015 to promote the development of the performing arts in the local community. AWP is the theater in residence at the Chesapeake Arts Center.


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