Meshaun Labrone’s heartbreaking film “Spook” is now streaming on Tubi


frighten – a heartbreaking film written and starring by an ex-cop and based on Capital Fringe’s acclaimed stage production – premiering Friday, December 17, 2021 on the free online streaming platform Tube.

Starring Cannes World Film Festival “Best Actor” and playwright Meshaun Labrone, and produced by DC-based Flying Scoop, frighten viscerally explores American race relations, policing, and the criminal justice system 一 while being black and wearing blue.

Based on Meshaun Labrone’s one-man play that garnered critical attention in 2018 at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D.C., the film stars Labrone as a convicted cop whose last words before being killed. being executed for the murders of his fellow police officers amounts to a treatise on institutionalized racism in America and the emotional toll of black cops surveilling black people.

Meshaun Labrone

Labrone, himself a former DC police officer who spent 13 years in corrections, law enforcement and federal security, won Best Actor for frighten at the 2021 Cannes World Film Festival. Its explosive fictional story told entirely from a chamber of death, about a cop gone bad who murders other cops gone bad, is produced by Flying Scoop 一 a burgeoning independent film production company specializing in premium biopics.

Hauntingly complex and at times deftly uncomfortable, frighten is Daryl’s final public statement”frighten“Spokane, a cop on death row for killing five other cops. Speaking an hour before his execution, Spokane recalls and portrays the acquaintances and colleagues who set him on the path to his macabre act: the teenage dog poisoner, the surly church member, the field training shot in his squad car and the “Blue Domestic Terrorist in Blackface” who saw a teenage sexual assault victim being exploited. Throughout the film, photos and video (scene shots of crime, viral cell phone videos, riot news clips and archival photos) scroll across the screen.

Psychologically immersive, with a single raging, brooding voice, the 60-minute film deeply explores an open wound of some of America’s most vivid issues that are more relevant today than ever.

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frighten trailer:

CREDITS: frighten is produced by Flying Scoop Productions. Mark Finkelpearl is executive producer. Nathaniel Stark is executive producer and director. Labrone is an actor, screenwriter and director. The original music is by Devin Spear.


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