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NYWinterfest 2021 is the fastest growing competition in New York City. Now only accepts submissions from playwrights who live no further than 30 miles from Manhattan.

NYWinterfest 2021 is offering up to $ 7,000 in prizes. $ 3,500 alone goes to the best play or musical. Can you find another festival that offers so much money in prizes? Our winners are selected by the festival team, so it is not just a “popularity contest” based on which one brings together the largest audience. Sometimes the more “non-glitzy” low-budget productions with the fewest viewers win the top prize, just because it was great. We love heartfelt, heartfelt performances and honest writing.

The award categories include:

Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Singer, Best Short Film, and Most Creative Musical or Musical – $ 500 each; Best score: $ 300 and Best choreography $ 200

Accept plays and musicals of all genres lasting 5 to 90 minutes. The New York Theater Festival has been a playwright’s paradise for 18 seasons. Read below to find out why!

Why is the New York Theater Festival a mecca for new and original plays? Simple, we offer you:

A place of quality: 96 beautiful red fabric seats + 4 seats suitable for wheelchairs. A scene the size of your average 2 bedroom Manhattan apartment (29’x22 ‘) with plenty of backstage space, room in the wings, a large walk-in closet with mirrors and sink, and a clean bathroom and functional.

What other festival gives you free use of 86 props / furniture in their storage? Not only do we invite you to use our items, but we also offer free storage space for all your sets and accessories for the duration of your race. It’s no fun parking your duplicate truck outside theaters for each performance, only to find your windshield with a new parking ticket on it. It’s boring to lug around all your props, props, and costumes around the subway throughout your run. Do not worry. We have space and it’s not easy to find in New York! Discover our accessories.

Easy to use technology: Where else will you get a 94-light lighting lot, with LED lights that can create a flush in a full range of deep colors for your scenes. You are also free to use our projector which projects a 21 × 12 ′ background image.

Need some music? We also have a Yamaha brand 88-key electric piano, complete with a suspension pedal, a music stand, a piano stool and a light for reading music.

We offer very long technologies: Do you know how important it is to have enough technical rehearsal time?
For a full duration (60-90 minutes), we give 4.5 hours for your technology. .
For a One-Act (30-45 minutes), we give you 2.15 hours for your technology
For a short (5-20 minutes), we give you 60 minutes for your technology.

What can you accomplish with short technical repetitions, or not at all? Absolutely nothing (repeat it!) We don’t want to risk your show by looking miserable during your run because you didn’t have enough time to prepare. We want you to feel confident with how it looks. That’s why we offer a generous amount of technical time. (After all, time is money!)

What could be more important than advertising your show? Many festival websites do not advertise your show. Many of them will have mundane descriptions and a thumbnail of a poster. Consult our pages with previous productions. Large posters, detailed information and eye-catching blurb for your show… Rather it! You can share the link without embarrassment and send it to your family, friends, colleagues and community. All cast and crew from all productions are tuned free tickets to see all the other shows of the festival!

First-rate show hours: We only give you ideal time slots, 45 minutes of sufficient installation time before performances, and as the festival lasts 3 months, each production has time to to breathe.

No seasonal volunteers: One of our core team members is always at the theater to support you during your tech, ticketing and performing hours. You will always see a familiar face! Do not hesitate to ask for help or specific advice to make your performance a success. Your questions will be answered within a few hours by the festival team. You will never have to wait days for a response. Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced, providing you with real answers and a personal touch.

Awards: An unforgettable awards ceremony at the end of the festival to honor your talent in front of your fellow artists, just like the Oscars!


* Submissions are accepted within a 30 mile radius outside of Manhattan and will only show if all cast and crew are from New York. Games are considered on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you submit, the better your chances of your screenplay being invited to the festival. Each candidate is fully responsible for all elements of their production, including directing, casting, directing. We know exactly what you need to make your show a success and welcome you to our community of playwrights and theater innovators!

Submit to be among the plays and musicals of a festival / contest that WOW New Yorkers and is New York theater’s best kept secret. To submit click here


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