Non-profit organization providing underprivileged children with fine arts education


HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – A local non-profit organization, ToGive International, is offering disadvantaged children and young adults the opportunity to explore their talents in the fine arts.

ToGive International executive director Augusto Contreras said music had a huge impact on his life and he felt the need to give back to the community by starting the non-profit organization.

Contreras said he realized after starting a fine art studio that there were a lot of kids who didn’t have the resources to buy instruments and lessons.

Contreras explained that there are many benefits to fine arts education, such as emotional well-being, better decision-making, and motor skills.

“Psychologically speaking, it also builds your brain, you know,” Contreras said. “The cognitive development of the brain through music education is simply amazing. It doesn’t matter if you are going to dedicate your life to music, but studying music for [your] the younger years will certainly help you in whatever you do, whatever career you pursue.

He mentioned that the non-profit organization provides education through community support and other funding such as donations and government funding.

To continue giving back to underprivileged children and young adults, the organization hosts fundraising events, such as an annual musical instrument drive and banquet.

“We have the art of giving banquet on October 1. Culinary arts and fine arts are all together, so they’re cooking for the community and we’re going to play kids, so they pick up the show, they make the show happen, ”Contreras said.

He said the banquet would help sponsor the full tuition fees of a fine arts education student at his studios.

For more information on ToGive International and its upcoming events, you can visit their Facebook page.


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