O Yeong-su Returns to the Theater Stage: The DONG-A ILBO


“When I felt lost after receiving an international award, I was offered a role in a play. I’ve been on a theater stage for so long, and I wanted to find myself there. C is what I think about every time I go on stage.

O Yeong-su previously won Best Supporting Actor at the 79th Golden Globe Awards with ‘Squid Game’ and recently became a nominee for the 74th Emmy Award scheduled for Monday (local time) in Los Angeles for Best Actor. in a drama. Series. Now he returns to the stage with a piece called Love Letter. The play will debut on October 6 at the Jayu Theater of the Seoul Art Center, located in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Mr. O will feature the character “Andy” in the play. “In a world where the expression of love is rare, being part of this piece, which has me pondering the word ‘love’ over and over, is such a meaningful experience for me,” the 78 actor said. year. said during the production announcement event on Wednesday. Other actors including Park Jeong-ja, Bae Jong-ok, Jang Hyun-sung as well as producer Oh Gyeong-taek joined the announcement.

“Love Letters” is one of the best-known works of AR Gurney, a famous American playwright. This plot is centered on the letters exchanged between two lovers for 50 years. He is played by the main characters – Melissa (portrayed by Park Jeong-ja and Bae Jong-ok), a free-spirited artist, and Andy (O Yeong-su and Jang Hyun-sung), who seek stability in life, reading the letters to the public.

Mr. O will board the flight to Los Angeles next Saturday to attend the Emmy. “It would be great if I could win, but I think it’s unlikely,” he said. “I think one or two other ‘Squid Game’ players can win their category.”

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