Open-door playhouse to present the audio game L’APPEL


Open-Door Playhouse will feature the audio track from The Calling, a short comedy starring Anne Cooper as CSR representative and Rosemary Thomas as Lee; written by Greg Jones Ellis and directed by Bernadette Armstrong. The play will be available online February 2, 2022 at Open-Door Playhouse. The show will last approximately 10 minutes without an intermission.

Synopsis of The Calling: Lee tries to “withdraw” from Catholicism but is trapped in telephone hell.

Greg Jones Ellis (playwright) holds a BA in Dramatic Arts (Catholic University) and an MA in English Literature (Salisbury University). He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

Some accomplishments include WWII comedy (Divinity Place); All Save One (Julie Harris Award for Drama Writing); Dead Air (Dominion Stage Writing Award); Baltimore Playwrights Festival finalist; Todd McEnerney Award; and Culver City Fever: Scenes from a Show Business Friendship, which focuses on the decades-long rivalry between two actresses. Contact Greg through the website or by email.

Bernadette Armstrong (director / producer) fell in love with small theater and since 2008 she has had several successful theater projects produced in North Hollywood. Her play, The Reading Group, was chosen by LA Weekly Magazine and in 2017 her play, Simple Lives, was nominated for Outstanding Writing for an Original Play or Musical at the Valley Theater Awards. (She was the only woman nominated.)

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