OXO Pop Containers Review: Pantry Organization Containers


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  • I love to cook, but having ingredients scattered around in their original packaging has always put me off.
  • Reorganizing my kitchen and using OXO Pop Containers has made cooking fun again.
  • The containers come in different sizes, with thoughtful features like spoons that fit inside the lid.

I’ve always found cooking to be a hassle, even though it’s one of my favorite activities. Due to the way my kitchen was organized, all the ingredients I needed were spread out in different cupboards and drawers and the mere thought of gathering them before I even started was enough to put me off.

We recently remodeled the kitchen and restarted our pantry, which gave me the perfect opportunity to organize it into my dream pantry. I love watching TikToks from home organization, but I never thought I could do it and more importantly keep it organized beyond a week.

Still, I decided to give it a shot – and I’m so glad I did. My pantry has never felt so organized, and the biggest contributor to that change has been my collection of OXO Pop containers.

OXO Pop Container Review

I started with a set of five OXO Pop containers, all made with baking ingredients in mind. I loved that each container was sized for a specific amount of ingredients, like 5 pounds of flour or a pound of brown sugar. The set I purchased also came with two half-cup spoons specially designed to notch into the lids of the containers, and an earthenware disc that fits into the lid of the brown sugar container to keep it fresh and sweet. The containers also have airtight lids, which kept whatever food I put in them fresh.

The lid of the brown sugar container fits an earthenware disc to keep it fresh.

The lid of the brown sugar container comes with an earthenware disc to prevent the sugar from drying out and clumping.

Angela Tricarico/Insider

My initial collection of five has grown to 17 and with a bit of room in the cabinet I don’t plan on stopping there. I love that these containers are designed to stack on top of each other, so my cabinet always looks really neat. I also used my Cricut cutting machine to create labels for all the containers.

Two pantry shelves filled with OXO POP containers

Angela Tricarico/Insider

Another feature that I really liked, and which turned out to be excellent in practice, are the wide openings. Dry ingredients often come in packages that make it very difficult to fit a measuring cup into them. With the Pop Containers, I can easily insert the measuring cups or spoons I need through the generously sized lid. Half-cup spoons designed for containers are also very convenient and practical.

½ cup measuring cup attached to container lid.

Angela Tricarico/Insider

Disadvantages to consider

My only real downside with these containers is that the “pop” mechanism tends to stick if you don’t keep the lids spotlessly clean. This seems to happen most often with containers that have sugar in it, but resolves quickly once I give the lids a good scrubbing. Once the lids start to stick, it’s usually a good reminder that it’s time to give the containers a good clean.

The bottom line

OXO’s Pop Containers have totally transformed my cooking experience and make me look forward to opening my pantry cabinets every day. They’ve served me especially well during the holiday baking season, and it’s an investment I’m glad I made.


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