Pittsfield Hold Inauguration and Government Organization


The town of Pittsfield held its inaugural ceremony and government organization Monday at Berkshire Community Colleges at the Robert Boland Theater. The ceremony has been moved to college this year to create a safer environment amid rising COVID-19 cases in the Berkshires and statewide.

Municipal clerk Michelle Benjamin, after having herself received the oath of office, took the oath to the members of the school committee and the municipal council.

The school committee was sworn in …

Benjamin was sworn in to the members of the school committee: Mark Brazeau, William Cameron, Daniel Elias, Sara Hathaway, Alison McGee and Vicky Smith.

The Pittsfield School Committee was sworn in on Monday – Photo: Pittsfield City Hall Facebook

The city council was sworn in …

Benjamin also swore in the general councilors: Karen Kalinowsky; Peter Marchetti, Earl Persip, III, and Peter White; and neighborhood councilors, Kenneth Warren, Charles Kronick, Kevin Sherman, James Conant, Patrick Kavey, Dina Lampiasi and Anthony Maffuccio. (see header photo)

At-Large Councilor Peter Marchetti was again elected Chairman of the Board and Peter White Vice-Chairman.

The program began with a performance by the Eagles Band, followed by an invocation by the Reverend Peter Gregory. The blessing was delivered by Reverend Sheila Sholes-Ross.

Mayor Tyer delivered his State of the City address …

Following the City Council work update, Mayor Tyer presented the inaugural address and on the state of the city. A link to the address is available on the home and mayor’s office pages of the city’s website, cityofpittsfield.org.

A more direct link to Mayor Tyer’s speech is available HERE.

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