Prism: LGBTQ+ Allied Organization Makes Semester Plans

PRISM is anticipating the new school year by finding ways to engage its new members. Graphic illustration by Olivia Havre | Photographer

By Luke Araujo | Personal editor

After being officially chartered by Baylor in April, Prism is putting its plans in place for the fall semester.

Prism, an LGBTQ+ and allied student organization, focuses its efforts on “lifelong learning for the Baylor community, giving LGBTQ+ students a voice in administration, and creating opportunities for all students to access resources through connection, belonging and education.

Heber Springs, Ark., Prism senior and president Lor Duncan said that with Prism operating as an official student organization, he has entered the phase of planning meetings and activities.

“We plan to have weekly meetings based on things the community wants to do or learn,” Duncan said. “Our goal is to create a community and a space to learn and grow together, and we want our meetings to reflect that.”

Duncan said Prism also hopes to host a formal event and other social events during the school year. He also plans to organize recruitment events in the future.

Bryant, Ark., sophomore William Alverio said Prism would like to have larger, more open monthly meetings.

“We have discussed that there will be a frequent and available meeting time for members, with some meetings open to non-members as well,” Alverio said. “One of our biggest priorities is to protect people’s privacy, as some students may not yet be comfortable with their sexuality, gender identity or religious affiliation. We want to make sure we protect them from public exposure or reprimand. »

At the meetings, Alverio said Prism will cover topics like advocacy resources and open avenues for queer people, gender non-conforming people, or people of different faiths to talk to others who share their experiences. Additionally, Prism will be reaching out to contacts outside of Baylor — including alumni who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community — to form an advocacy resource network.

“We’re going to have publicly declared resources and support systems where people can easily find them on our social media,” Alverio said. “We also plan to have a Baylor affiliate website with health resources and things like that. It’s about collecting those resources and spreading the word.

As the semester approaches, Alverio said Prism requires patience from students and faculty who want to be part of and support Prism.

“We are working diligently to get Prism up and running,” Alverio said. “We will definitely be solidified and ready to go for this fall semester.”


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