Ted Cruz wants to sign Kyrie Irving to play in Houston despite his vaccine status


Senator Ted Cruz wants Kyrie Irving playing for the Houston Rockets after the 7x All-Star was unable to play home games due to his vaccine status.

According to New York law, the Nets keep Irving has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus and therefore must not play in New York, and therefore should not have been in contact with his teammates who were playing.

Recently, the city fined the brooklyn nets $50,000 after the team allowed Kyrie Irving into their locker room for their game against the New York Knicks.

However, Senator Ted Cruz declaimed Irving’s situation.

“That’s how silly it is. Kyrie Irving can go to a game, can sit in the stands without being vaccinated – which he did. It was perfectly fine. But if he really plays, it is not allowed. Because apparently, in addition to Diet Coke and peanuts, which we’re told are magic cures for COVID, touching a basketball makes you a deadly threat.”

“They put a fine Kyrie Irving because he dared to go to the locker room. Notice, he’s sitting in the fucking stands watching the game. He can go talk to the players during the match. But when he went to the locker room, $50,000. This is stupid and dishonest theatre. Let Kyrie Irving play.”

“By the way, if Brooklyn won’t let Kyrie play, I’ll pitch you straight. Kyrie, come on Houston, playing for the Rockets. We let you play. He’s a hell of a player. Uncle Drew is benched by some stupid Democratic theater. It’s stupid.”

cross is well known for showing fake outrage over vaccines and Republican events. According to the records, Senator Cruz is vaccinated.

Cruz took a picture during the People’s Convoy gathering and was called. He is famous for not opposing Donald Trump after the former president said his wife was ugly and his father killed JFK.

Cruz flew to Cancún during a texas snowstorm which caused a massive outage of the fossil fuel-based power grid.


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