Ted Lasso Star Hannah Waddingham Wants to Play a Superhero


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To add Hannah Waddingham to the list of actors who would love to be in a superhero movie. “Why do you think I’ve done sci-fi stuff in the past?” says the ‘Ted Lasso’ star, whose credits include the TV adaptation of ’12 Monkeys’ and ‘Krypton,’ a Syfy series about Superman’s grandfather. “Why wouldn’t I want to play something that says, ‘Oh, now you’re going to walk through that wall and kill everyone in the room and then shoot into the sky? “” Does she have a particular superhero in mind? “All the Marvel characters are wonderful,” says Waddingham, who is in London with the cast and crew of “Ted Lasso” preparing to shoot the third season of the hit Apple TV Plus series in early March. “I want to be someone who absolutely busts everyone’s balls but looks fabulous doing it.”

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Jefferson May has no scientific proof, but he believes a fake nose he wore during the early days of Broadway previews of ‘The Music Man’ may have prevented him from catching COVID-19 . “I’m pretty sure the extra layer of latex protection on my own nose, coupled with some pretty nasty adhesive fumes, may have saved me,” said Mays, who plays Mayor Shinn opposite. Hugh Jackman and Sutton Fostersaid to me laughing, before the opening of the revival on February 10. “I may have inadvertently stumbled upon a cure.”

‘The Music Man’ had a bumpy ride to the Winter Garden Theater, including the producer Scott Roudin quit production amid allegations of serious workplace misconduct. And then there is the pandemic. Performances were canceled in early previews when Jackman tested positive for COVID. When Sutton contracted the virus, his understudy Kathy Voytko “I think we were maybe two weeks into performances before we got the original company together again,” says Mays, who won a Tony for Best Actor in a Play in 2004 for his work in “I Am My Own Wife”. ” “We have a cast of almost 50, but there was one evening when we were missing 15 people! We just persevered despite the pandemic.

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Joey King at the premiere of ‘Moonfall’ held at the TCL Chinese Theater on January 31, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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Joey King kicks ass in the upcoming fairytale action-adventure pic “The Princess.” “I can’t wait for there to be a trailer for this movie because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” she told me on the show “Just for Varietypodcast (available February 11). “I physically pushed myself to limits I didn’t know were possible. I would sometimes fight for eight to 10 hours a day. I fell in love with the action. Plus, she did most of her training at the fighting and stunts with an arm in a cast after undergoing surgery to remove a cyst from his wrist.

King will next be seen in “The In Between”, a romance about a high school girl who is visited by the ghost of her boyfriend (Kyle Allen) after being killed in a car accident. Think of a YA “ghost,” King says. “It’s very reminiscent of ‘Ghost,’ but like Kyle said, ‘There’s no pottery scene in our movie, but there are scenes that are comparable if not better,'” she says.

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In Amazon’s new romantic comedy “I Want You Back,” charlie day plays a man who bonds with a new friend (Jenny Slate) after the two were dumped by their longtime loves. pete davidson makes a surprise appearance in a hilarious scene involving a hot tub. “We have a good textual relationship now,” Day says of the “Saturday Night Live” player. “He seems to call me whenever he’s in town.” He adds with a laugh: “I’m glad he can fit me into his busy schedule. …He’s also very outgoing with me because ‘It’s always sunny in Philadelphia’ was a big part of his teenage years. He’s been dating me, but he always says that from 15 he was watching “Sunny,” and that’s one of the main reasons he wanted to get into comedy.

Mark’s Day’s first film to headline a romantic comedy. “I always wanted to do one, but I was afraid it was too late or maybe they didn’t see me as attractive enough or important enough,” he says. “You start fighting, but I knew I could handle the comedy and the emotion.”

Day is also putting the finishing touches on his directorial debut, an untitled comedy starring Ken Jeong which he wrapped just before the pandemic. He turned to his mentor Guillermo del Toro, who cast Day in “Pacific Rim,” for advice. “I told him I was happy with the movie, but if I had the chance, I would change about 25% of it to make it better,” Day recalled. “Guillermo said, ‘Don’t give it to the world yet. Make the movie you want to make.’ After a week of reshoots, Day did the final color and music before shipping the film to potential distributors.

The day was on last night at the premiere of the drive-in “I Want You Back” in downtown Los Angeles. Slate told me about making her on-screen singing debut when her character performed in a high school production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” “I’ve never sung in a movie before,” she said. “No one asked me and depending on what you think of the performance, that could be why. But I’ll tell you what, I loved it and hope someone lets me do it again. Find out more on the first, to verify Variety on Twitter, @variety.


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