The First Days of Mona Mansour’s Real Jubilation Will Play at New Ohio Theater


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At Mona Mansour Begin the days of true jubilation to perform at the New Ohio Theater

Scott Illingworth will direct the production, performed in repertoire with Emily Zemba’s The strangers came today.

Mona Mansour and Scott Illingworth

Mona Mansour is postponed Begin the days of true jubilation will be performed in the repertoire at Off-Broadway’s New Ohio Theater beginning June 8. Mansour’s New York theater collective SOCIETY, created with Scott Illingworth, presents the new play alongside Emily Zemba The strangers came todaywith performances until June 25.

Mansour’s new work is a satirical look at capitalism through an investigation of start-up culture and the toxicity of groupthink, from new start-up excitement to failure. For the piece, SOCIETY conducted interviews with past and present employees of tech start-ups and Silicon Valley academics who were distilled into inspirations for Mansour’s final script.

The cast includes Brian Bock, Hana Chamoun, Christy Escobar, Annie Fox, Leslie Fray, Rosa Gilmore, Caroline Grogan, Tim Nicolai, Alexandra Templer and Shpend Xani. Jonathan Louis Dent, Dela Meskienyar, Jennifer Mogbock and Shayvawn Webster join the ensemble in this production. Illingworth will direct.

Begin the days of true jubilation will be played in the repertoire with Emily Zemba’s immersive The strangers came today on a support group for mystical experiences. With Bock, Templer, Dent, Fox, Fray, Gilmore, Grogan, Mogbock, Nicolai, Webster and Xani. Violeta Picayo conducts.

The creative team for both projects includes assistant director Alison Greene, costume designer Karen Boyer, playwright Christy Escobar, lighting designer Abigail Hoke-Brady, sound designer Carsen Joenk, stage manager Erica Schnitzer and set designer Brittany Vasta.

Mansour, Illingworth and Nicolai launched SOCIETY Theater Collective, Inc., a non-profit organization, in 2020 to produce new theater work using the Joint Stock method. Begin the days of true jubilation was announced with the launch as the collective’s inaugural production, but due to the pandemic, its 2020 broadcast has been delayed.

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