The need for a new faith-based student organization questioned


The Slippery Rock Student Government Association (SRSGA) met at the Smith Student Center (SSC) on Monday and approved its eighth faith-based student organization after some discussion about its necessity.

Senator Rebekah Froehlich offered to endorse the new organization called The Well CCO, which is sponsored by the Grove City Alliance Christian Church.

Following the motion, Chair Mia Graziani asked if anyone had any questions or comments on the motion and Senator Gabriel Stiles raised his hand to speak.

“What makes this organization different from other Catholic and Christian organizations here? Stiles asked.

Froehlich explained how The Well CCO differs from current faith-based organizations on campus so far.

“Essentially the difference between them as a Christian organization is that they work with a different church,” Froehlich explained. “So that’s what makes them different from other organizations that work with different churches.”

Froehlich went on to say that the SRSGA set a precedent by approving faith-based organizations and that it could not withhold its approval since The Well CCO met all the requirements.

The motion passed even with Stiles, who was joined by Senators Janessa Hayward, Madeline Smith and Amanda Brock, voting against. Senators Rose Resnick and Makenzie Shiller, along with Vice Presidents Alexis Gish and Aiden Donnelly abstained in the vote.

Senate Speaker Hannah D’Egidio moved to approve $1,370.92 for The Harbor following an error in the distribution of funds that left the organization with nothing in its account this semester.

VP Finance Sydney Rezzetano then spoke on the motion.

“So they currently have $0 in their budget,” Rezzetano explained. “There are expenses they have already incurred and they are asking for reimbursement, as well as money for the spring semester of 2022.”

After some discussion about how the budget incident happened, the motion passed unanimously.

Senator Christopher Dang moved to approve $388 for the baseball club for the organization to cover club dues.

The motion passed unanimously without debate.

The SRSGA also approved the confirmation of Rebecca George as a senator from the College of Business and Madison Moore as a senator from the College of Health, Engineering, and Science (CHES).

New senators were previously elected as senators at large, but transferred to new roles in order to fill college-specific positions.

These motions were also carried unanimously without debate.

The SRSGA approved the January 24 minutes.

The SRSGA plans to hold its next official meeting on February 21 at 5 p.m. at the SSC Theater. For more information, visit their CORE page.


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