The play “Komik Motion Show” premieres at the “Luda ​​​​Kuća” theater!


September 23, 2022 – What better way to end the first Monday in October than with a laugh? The Luda Kuća Theater (Mad House) will take care of it. The comedy „Komik Motion Show“, directed by the famous clown, star of the great Cirque du Soleil and Broadway winner Tony David Shiner, will premiere at the Luda Kuća Theater at 8 p.m. on Monday, October 3.

The play is co-produced by the Triko Cirkus theatre, Luda Kuća and artist Ivan Đuričič. This is an animated comedy intended for everyone, the actors communicate exclusively with body movements accompanied by sound effects and good music, that is why there are no language barriers. David Shiner and Ivan Đuričič both play in the play, next to them on stage are Bojan Ban, Iskra Jirsak, Nikolina Majdak and Iva Peter Dragan. After premiering on October 3, the play will take place again on Thursday, October 6.


What are you going to watch, who are you going to watch and what are you going to laugh at?

The world master of animated comedy and clowning, David Shiner, after Cirque du Soleil, found himself in Zagreb where he discovered the five samurai and decided to tell a story with them. Now called the Six Magnificent Fools, they will provide Croatian audiences with an evening of laughter, mayhem and fun that will take them to the mystical Orient using exclusively the instruments of movement, sound and music.


Through a series of events that have had their world premieres, David Shiner attempts to answer the question of whether there is life after death while featuring several of his own clown gags that have been pulled off Broadway. and Cirque du Soleil. These events were performed and prepared especially for Croatian audiences.


How did the idea and the collaboration come about?

The Croatian public has not had the opportunity to see this type of play in its recent theatrical history. His co-producers, Triko Cirkus Theater and Luda Kuća explained how the idea arose after a statement by Ivan Đuričić: “David Shiner came to Croatia following an invitation from Triko Cirkus Theater in 2018 and held a clown workshop in Zagreb during which several very humorous scenes created the samurai clown.” This gave him the idea for a new play, and thanks to the excellent Croatian actors who star in the play, he decided to perform it in Zagreb. “That’s where we got involved. We rolled up our sleeves. However, our process has been slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic, but here we are today. We are ready to lift people’s spirits, to laugh and bring the spirit of the world – famous Cirque du Soleil and Broadway in Zagreb to Luda Kuća in Zvonimirova Street.”


“After 40 years of working in the world of movement theater, I really felt, and still feel, an immense happiness to discover a group of actors in Croatia completely dedicated to accepting and building new theaters without fear or doubt. , but with great joy. I can’t wait for the “Komik Motion Show” and the whole thing that makes the wonderful Zagreb audience laugh, relax and cheer up.” said Broadway, Cirque du Soleil and now Luda Kuća star David Shiner.


Iva Peter Dragan, Artistic Director of the Triko Cirkus Theater continued: “I am particularly happy that such a caliber clown and comedian has chosen the city of Zagreb and its actors to work on his latest play. I am happy as producers and as clowns that he recognized our potential and our desire to offer something different from what local audiences are used to seeing, even if it is risky. it’s too little, sincere emotions even less, and that’s why I hope the public will accept us and embrace us.”


On behalf of Luda Kuća, her co-owner René Bitorajac added that the “Komik Motion Show” fits perfectly into the philosophy and direction of the theatre. As he further explained, the play “Komik Motion Show” will be on Luda Kuća’s billboards to play in two parts. There is the premiere on October 3 and the next performance will be on Thursday October 6. Because Shiner is a great world artist and is engaged in various projects, his show “Kooza” is currently performing at Cirque du Soleil, the next dates of the “Komik Motion Show” will be fixed according to the availability of our actors and, of course , from Shiner himself.



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