The Russian Ministry of Justice added the organization “Citizens of the USSR” to the list of extremist organizations


There is no federal structure of “citizens of the USSR”. It is a collective name for disparate groups that can cooperate with each other. One of the largest associations – also known as the extremist “Union of Slavic Forces of Russia” (USSR) – was created in 2010 by the owner of a dental clinic in Zelenograd near Moscow, Sergei Taraskin. Some regional leaders of “citizens of the USSR” recognize the supremacy of the dentist “interim president of the USSR” Taraskin, while others categorically oppose it, considering him a usurper and an impostor.

Activists have in common the belief that the USSR continues to exist legally, and that the current Russian authorities and the laws they pass are illegitimate, so you cannot pay taxes, housing and communal services and not repay the loans. In some cities, “citizens of the USSR” even had their own utility service, which illegally restored electricity or water to subscribers who had been disconnected for non-payment.

Since 2020, “citizens of the USSR” have also overwhelmingly supported covid dissidents, viewing the pandemic and ensuing vaccination as elements of a “digital concentration camp” and “genocide”.

How did the “citizens of the USSR” act? Interested persons were clearly explained: you were born in the Soviet Union and did not give your consent to change your citizenship, therefore you remain a citizen of the Land of the Soviets. To get a new “real” passport, you need to pay a fee of several thousand rubles. Subsequently, other documents can be “issued” for money – from a driver’s license to a birth certificate. Of course, they had no legal force, as well as the argument about the lack of an application for withdrawal of citizenship of the USSR.

Now the activity of the organization is banned in Russia and it must be liquidated.


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