The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement launches new documentary series about the organization’s campaign for a professional football franchise centered around its mascot Bigfoot


The new series “Bigfoots Football” has been created monday august 1stst2022, and will air a total of six weekly episodes before the start of the 2022-23 NFL season.

ASPEN, Col., August 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Bigfoots Football’ from the Staunch Moderates movement and its television studio Staunch Moderates News is the organization’s latest content release aimed at spreading its messages to a wider audience outside the traditional political arena. . The new six-episode video series offers a behind-the-scenes look at the development and execution of a new professional football franchise concept. Of particular note are two special episodes the series will include that speak to the movement’s mission and philosophy. One is a key insight into the movement’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election and how the co-founder Gregory T. Simmons found much of what turned out to be analogous to the format and structure of American professional football. The other special episode features the production of a music video for a new song “Bigfoots Football”, which will debut on the movement’s upcoming album called “Mission Peace”. August 26e2022.

The series “Bigfoots Football” has started airing August 1st on the Staunch Moderates YouTube channel Staunch Moderates News and continues with five additional weekly episodes leading up to the official start of the 2022-23 National Football League season on September 8e2022.

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Convinced Moderates are an intellectual movement that addresses the current intellectual and political divide in our country and strives for national and world peace. Formed in December 2019, the Movement has taken off, campaigning for their messaging throughout the 2020 election year. They actively campaigned in sixteen different state primaries by hosting 35 forums on vital societal issues, and also conducted polls and produced several interviews with different political luminaries during the conventions, through the debates and up to the election. With Casanova Ace by DJ Staunch rap, the team even hosted an Election Day live show with a panel of ten of their closest celebrity political friends, including a former congressman. Barry Goldwaterformer bodybuilding champion Lou FerrignoOlympian Maggie Connor and former White House Press Office staffer Edward P. Lozzi, among others. For fans, voters and the curious, find out all about or any of their social media channels.

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