These actors play the same type of character in many of their movies


In the movie industry, there are certain actors who are known for certain characters — including franchise actors like Tom Holland and Spider-Man and Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious franchise. Indeed, it is often difficult for the public to separate these actors from the roles that made them famous. One of Unexploredhis faults were how he didn’t know how to use tom hollandnever having quite succeeded in making the child actor the cool Nathan Drake that video game fans know so well.

On the other side, there are also actors known for playing extremely similar characters across their filmography. We’ve put together a list of those actors who play the same type of character in many of their movies.

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7 Michael Cera

Michael Cera

Michael Cera became a household name in the early 2000s, primarily for playing the exact same character in several of his films. From his passage in Development stopped to his iconic roles in teen films such as super bad and Juno, he always played the awkward teenager with very limited social skills played for comedic effect. His fish out of water act is always great to watch, and while more recently he’s branched out into dramatic theater roles, he was back to his old self in the 2018 reboot of Development stopped. Cera portrays this specific niche perfectly, and it’s his innocently goofy characters that keep us coming back to those nostalgia parties he helped define through this type of character.

6 Emma Watson (10)

Since its debut in the universally acclaimed franchise, Harry Potter, Emma Watson went on to be in an avalanche of adored films. From Charlie’s world see you more recently Little woman, she stayed in shape, playing the bookish, sensitive, and often underappreciated woman character that has defined both her personality and her career since she was in the public eye. No matter what film you watch, there’s a distinctly Emma Watson quality to its characters that’s unavoidable – and because it’s based on her personality, it nonetheless feels incredibly natural and refreshing to watch.

5 Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is fantastic for playing the hardened, sarcastic character throughout his filmography. This can largely be attributed to its role in Fast and Furious franchise, but even outside of that we have characters like Diana in A fight between girls and Trudy in Avatar that help define his career as this type of character. She’s known for playing the women who take no prisoners and will get the job done no matter the personal cost, and while that’s a common trope, it’s perhaps best done by Rodriguez.

4 Tom Cruise

Superior gun

This list would be incomplete without Mr. Top Gun. Tom Cruise became known for the suave action hero roles he plays so often, and for good reason. Even his works outside of the action genre have a distinctive action hero-like quality, like Joel Goodson speaking softly in 1983 Risky businessor Stacee Jaxx in rock of ages. Cruise and his characters have been adored for decades, gracing the screen with his charm and his ability to get the job done, if necessary, sometimes often sacrificing himself for the plot of the film. He is truly one of cinema’s greats, despite his rigid cast. You can see more Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick out later this year.

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3 Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel has often been dubbed the ultimate maniacal pixie dream girl, and looking at her extensive filmography, it’s not hard to see why. Perhaps the role that most embodies this trope is Summer in the anti-romcom classic. 500 days of summerbut it can also be identified in the Christmas classic Elf and Yes man, among others. While Deschanel has spoken out against the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” label given to her characters, the trope is still the same: women who are different in some way and inspire their romantic counterpart to change their worldview. , generally towards a more positive outlook. . No matter what this type of character is labeled, Deschanel is the standout actress to portray it, and we love seeing her in these roles!

2 Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has been a cultural icon since her starring role as Rachel on the beloved 90s sitcom, Friends. She continued to be in many films – for a time it was impossible to see arromantic comedy without Aniston in it – but most of his characters have been the same, just in slightly different situations. For example, in marley and me, Jenny Grogan is a high-flying flier, who is gorgeous and charming while being down-to-earth. She is also similar to Aniston’s characters in later films such as Just goand We are the Millers, among others. Along with that, all of these characters have personality resemblances to Rachel, the character who started it all. Jennifer Aniston is synonymous with the movie characters every woman wants to be, and we love watching her in those roles.

1 Hugh Grant (9)

To end this list, we have Hugh Grant. Grant is the awkward and awkward but effortlessly romantic British character in so many of his films. From Notting Hill and love in fact for Sense and sensitivity and Four weddings and a funeral, Grant is potentially the actor who started the global craze for British men in romance movies. Perhaps it’s his relatability in these roles that makes him the go-to choice. Yes, it’s charming, but it’s not perfect and often lacks other areas to make a difference. He is beautiful, but far from the tastes of Baywatch actors, and he’s often unintentionally sweet in those roles, with no big plan (well, down to the romantic gesture that defines the very movies he’s built his career on). That’s what makes Hugh Grant so good, even without a wide variety of roles in his filmography.

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