Tokyo Olympics: Olympic Theater Arts is hosting an open house on Saturday


Herbelin, who took the lead last fall, said Saturday’s open house will show the variety of ways to connect with the 42-year-old’s theater offerings. “Come and learn how you can play with us. That’s what it’s all about,” he said in an interview Thursday.

Olympic Theater Arts will hold an open house on Saturday Local band Just in Tyme will provide live music throughout the afternoon, and Herbelin and the eight-member board of directors will offer guided tours of the site at several levels. The building, formerly a church, features the 160-seat Elaine and Robert Caldwell Main Stage, the 90-seat Assembly Hall, a costume-lined attic, and a basement full of props.

The performers will then offer guests scenes from the Victorian thriller, written by English playwright and novelist Patrick Hamilton. The cast and crew of “Angel Street” will be on hand, Herbelin added, for conversations about their process and artistic decisions.

“The term ‘gaslighting’ came from this play,” Herbelin said, adding that it is about a narcissistic husband who forces his wife to question reality. Then she returns his behavior.
Visitors will also have the chance to see the set of “Angel Street (Gaslight)” up close, the show which will run from February 11 to 27.

Those who come to the open house can learn more about acting, directing, lighting technician service, and all the volunteer opportunities at the theater.
“Bingo” is about a group of hardcore gamers who are fiercely competitive in their weekly games. It turns out that love blossoms and long-lost friends reunite – all set to a catchy musical score. There may also be some public participation in bingo games.

In a week, Olympic Theater Arts will hold auditions for “Bingo, the Winning Musical,” a crowd-pleasing comedy that opens April 15 and runs through May 1. Trials will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on February 5 and 6, with call-backs set for the evening of February 8.

Jefferson County Senior Reporter Diane Urbani de la Paz can be reached at 360-417-3509 or durbanidela. May 1. Trials will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on February 5 and 6, with encores scheduled for the evening of February 8.

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