VR Noh Ghost in the Shell Stage Play gets 360 degree performance


The VR Noh Ghost in the shell the play – a production inspired by Masamune Shirow’s classic cyberpunk manga that integrates classic theatrical traditions and modern stage technology to create an immersive impression of a virtual reality world – will be staged for the first time at 360 degrees in Tokyo in November 2022 The main production staff and actors include:

  • Original work: ghost in the shell by Masamune Shirow (released by Kodansha under their KC Deluxe label)
  • With: Takanobu Sakaguchi, Kohei Kawaguchi, Kengo Tanimoto, Saburota Kanze
  • Special Navigator: Hiro Shimono
  • Director: Shutaro Oku
  • Screenplay: Junichi Fujisaki
  • 3D Technology: Professor Kentaro Fukuchi (Meiji University)
  • VR Technology: Professor Masahiko Inami (University of Tokyo)
  • Producer: Yuka Jimbo
  • Production: VR Noh Ghost on the Shell production committee

A key visual for the upcoming Tokyo performance of the VR play Noh Ghost in the Shell featuring a Noh performer in traditional costume surrounded by digital artifacts and other cyberpunk special effects.

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Launched in August 2020, the VR Noh Ghost in the shell a play has already been performed at Setagaya Public Theater in Tokyo, Hakataza Theater in Fukuoaka, Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater in Hokkaido and Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse in Tokyo.

The VR Noh Ghost in the shell The play will be performed on November 3, 2022 at the IHI Stage Around Tokyo venue in Tokyo, Japan. The venue is notable for having a 360-degree stage that audience members experience by sitting on rotating chairs. Tickets for the production are available for pre-order beginning September 3, 2022, and general admission ticket sales begin October 1, 2022.

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Copyright notice: © Masamune Shirow・Kodansha / VR Noh Ghost in the Shell Production Committee

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