Will Goran Dragic play with Luka Doncic and the Slovenian national team at EuroBasket?


The Dallas Mavericks are still rounding out their roster for the 2022-2023 season. They have open space on their 15-man squad, and the team are hoping to find a trade to improve the talent around the superstar Luka Doncic. The 23-year-old is looking to build on his run to the Western Conference Finals next season, but he has a lot to accomplish before training camp.

Luka has already led the Slovenian national team to two World Cup qualifying victories this summer, and they have two games left before playing EuroBasket in September. Slovenia are the defending champions of the competition Goran Dragic and a teenage Doncic helped them win in 2017.

Dragic retired from international competition following his EuroBasket win. He was out for five years before returning for their final World Cup qualifiers. According to Tim MacMahonhe didn’t decide to play EuroBasket, but he made Slovenia’s provisional squad on July 20. Will he play?

Slovenia will play two more World Cup qualifiers in August before heading to EuroBasket when they take on Estonia and Germany from August 25. Dragic will miss these World Cup qualifiers, but he hasn’t been ruled out joining the squad ahead of EuroBasket.

Dragic has expressed his desire to play with Luka Doncic on several occasions, and the whole country is behind them as they look to repeat as EuroBasket champions. Having the veteran playmaker playing against the young superstar makes Slovenia infinitely more dangerous.

Dragic opted to join the Chicago Bulls on a minimum veteran contract after being offered a consistent role, so his only chance to play with Doncic is on the Slovenian national team. Will this be enough to convince Goran to participate in the event?

Only Goran Dragic knows if he will participate in EuroBasket this year. All of Slovenia wants him to play, but The Dragon needs to be ready for the NBA season. Stay tuned to see what he decides in the coming weeks.

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