World News | International Labor Organization to investigate rights abuses in Myanmar


Geneva [Switzerland]March 25 (ANI): The governing body of the International Labor Organization (ILO) has decided to establish a commission of inquiry into the non-respect of international labor standards in Myanmar following the military coup from February 2021.

The ILO said in a press release that the commission of inquiry will investigate non-compliance with the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize Convention, 1948, and the Forced Labor Convention, 1930.

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The resolution adopted by the Board of Directors noted with deep concern “the escalation of large-scale and lethal violence against civilians, including children, and the arrest and torture of Syndicate member Aung Ko Latt railways of Mahlwagone”, and called on the military to put an immediate end to such action.

He also deplored “the continued harassment, intimidation and arbitrary arrests and detentions of trade union activists, trade unionists and others, including the Rohingya, in the exercise of their human rights”.

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Myanmar should ensure that workers’ and employers’ organizations can exercise their rights in an atmosphere of freedom and security, free from violence, arbitrary arrest and detention, the resolution says.

A Commission of Inquiry is the ILO’s highest level inquiry procedure and is usually set up when a Member State is accused of having committed persistent and serious violations and has repeatedly refused to do so. remedy.

To date, 14 commissions of inquiry have been created. (ANI)

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